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In interactions with the Exchange System, the Intermediary is anyone who sends or receives file FatturaPA or archive files on behalf of the Economic Operator and/or Public Administration.

  • If the Intermediary is authorised to transmit files to Administrations on behalf of third parties, see the Economic operators section.
  • If instead he is authorised to receive files on behalf of Administrations, see the Public administrations section.

Intermediaries that interact with the Exchange System in their roles as both transmitter and receiver through the same transmission channel may opt for the "Simplified Flow" described in the Files, invoices and messages section.

The “Simplified Flow” option is associated with the registered channel for file transmission/reception; therefore Intermediaries intending to opt for the simplified flow may declare this when they register the channel in the Register the channel.

NB: the “Simplified Flow” option is available for the Web-service, Domain Gateway and FTP transmission channels but not for the CEM and web transmission channels because these do not need prior registration with the Exchange System.